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Stubby's Diner

26 Old Manchester Rd
Candia, NH 03034


2020 has been a rough year to say the least! Most are very happy to see it through the rear window. However 2020 has shown all of us at Stubby's just how wonderful our people are. Who are our people? YOU are our people! Many of you brought us to tears with your kindness and generosity when the government said "shut it down". We feared we may not be able to overcome this challenge. We did our best to try to adjust by adding a drive up window, offering delivery service and in general ramping up our ability to provide take out service. But still we feared as sales dropped by a whopping 90 percent. As spring aproached things got a little better, only down 50 percent. Thank you to all of you who stood by us during our take out only phase. But it wasn't the same. We missed inviting our people into our establishment to discuss and yes sometimes argue the ills of the world and how to solve them. Great minds here at Stubby's! And then finally we could open our doors, hallelujah! We offered dining "al fresco" (you know how fancy we are) and 50 percent occupancy. We're so happy to see everyone!!! Now we are almost back to normal. We look forward to normal. We look forward to our people coming back into our lives. We look forward to remembering just how very grateful we are for our people. So 2020 you pushed, we pushed harder with our lysol, bleach, paper towels, bioban, clorox wipes, drive up window, table dividers and masks. But mostly we pushed forward with our people by our side! THANK YOU!