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Fox Pub and Cafe

7800 N Sommer St Ste 302
Peoria, IL 61615


A hero has come to save and return us to a tradition that was long since lost... The Fox Pub's Beer of the Month! We will once again be having a beer of the month - one that is delicious and is available on draft at a discounted rate! Come try January’s beer, Revolution’s #NEW Infinity-Hero! “The universe has long been at odds between Classic and Hazy IPAs. Infinity-Hero sets out to unite these dimensions by weaving the best of both worlds into an extremely drinkable, forward-looking IPA. A next-gen dry hop including Nectaron, Strata, HBC #586, and HBC #1019 provides a glimpse into the future of hop innovation with seemingly endless juicy, citrus character. Experience the nexus of bitterness, sweetness, and fruit-forward flavor.”