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East Lake Cafe

3430 E Lake Rd Ste 3
Palm Harbor, FL 34685


Hello Everyone out there in our pandemic world. I want to thank those loyal patrons, our friends and new customer,s that have frequented us during this hard time, since we reopened May 5. For me, when we opened 16 3/4 years ago, I was younger and driven to get this Café on the map. It worked. Now, 16 3/4 years later, I am older but still driven to keep this café on the map. It is like a reintroduction, a new beginning. Lost most of the kitchen staff, due to 1- unfortunate health reasons-other than the virus & 2- the generous unemployment benefits, but training and retraining has helped us to once again regain our place in the community. Is it perfect? not yet but getting there, each and every day, we only need to fine tune and you input is appreciated. Please be compassionate during these troubled times and please give us the opportunity to remake something for you, if it was not made to your liking, instead of quickly taking out your phone and write a bad review on the spot to. A little understanding at this time is greatly appreciated by the front staff, the new kitchen staff (they are trying very hard to live up to our high standards) and of course Me and Angela. Thank you for your understanding and may God Bless you & your families! Hope to see you soon- Peter & Angela Pergola