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Dented Brick Distillery

3100 S Washington Street
South Salt Lake, UT 84115


The current leaders on 10Best and USA TODAY's Best Craft Vodka Distillery poll are: Tom’s Town Distilling Co. Restless Spirits Distilling Company Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries Keep rocking the vote! The URL for the contest is http://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-craft-vodka-distillery-2017/. Voting is open until Monday, September 11th, 2017 at 11:59am EDT. USA TODAY will be promoting the winners, as will 10Best. Please vote for Dented Brick! To follow live voting action, see #10BestChoice on Twitter (we are @10Best). You can also follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest, all of which are promoting the contest.