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Solar is Freedom

Serving the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton area
Cincinnati, OH 45255


8.2% Return on Investment. How? Invest $12,390 in a 5,900 Watt Rooftop Solar Power System. The list price is $17,700 but is only $12,390 after you claim your 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit and get a Tax Refund of $5,310 (assuming your tax liability is $5,310 or more). We will finance your tax refund - 6 months same as cash. This Rooftop Solar Power System should generate about 9,346 kilowatt hours of electricity (4.34 hours of average daylight throughout the year in Cincinnati) each year for 25 years ( the system comes with a 25 year warranty). At current electric rates of $0.125 per kilowatt hour, your annual savings would be $1,168 - that is an 8.2% return on investment over 25 years. Your results may vary - if electric utility rates continue to rise, your return on investment goes up and if electric utility rates go down, your return on investment would be lower. In either case, you are reducing your carbon footprint. According to recent studies, each solar panel adds $1,000 to the value of your home. A 5,900-watt system would have 20 panels. Your home value would appreciate by $20,000. Did you know that homes with solar power sell 50% faster than those without solar? Do you want Uncle Sam to keep your taxes? Get solar and get a refund. Where am I going to get $12,390? No worries. We have financing programs in place - you can finance the entire amount over 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 or 20 years. If you chose 20 years, you can lock in a fixed payment of about $89 per month - better than the $97 utility bill that will keep going up. What if I need a bigger or smaller system? No problem. We customize each system to fit your needs - based on your unique situation.